Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a unit?
You have three options to rent a storage unit.
  • Use the kiosk provided, following on screen instructions.
  • Reserve or lease a unit from
  • A call center agent can assist you through the move in process during customer service hours.
When can I access my unit?
The majority of our facilities are open all the time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Each facility's set of hours of operation are posted individually.
How do I pay for my unit? Is there a way to pay online?
The only form of payment that 10 Federal Storage accepts is credit/debit. You can select your form of payment through your 10 Federal Storage account. Once your payment is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.
How do I contact 10 Federal Storage?
Find the contact information for your facility in the list on our home page. If at the facility, the call center number should be posted near the kiosk.
There is a problem with my unit. What can I do?
Contact our call center via the property's phone number or via email. Our representatives are trained to assist you remotely using several troubleshooting techniques. If our agents are not able to assist, they will place a work order for maintenance to assist during their next visit.
How do I cancel my lease?
You can cancel your lease at any time. You can do so by sending a message through our property website or contacting our call center via phone or email. If you fail to notify us of an unscheduled move out your account will continue to be charged.
How should I store my items?
Please keep in mind that although we take necessary steps to ensure that our facilities are clean, maintained and have quarterly pest control, ultimately it is your responsibility, as a tenant, to ensure that your items are protected and stored correctly. There are several ways to prevent damage when storing your items, such as applying protective mattress/furniture bags for storage & moving, elevating your items so that your items are not directly on the storage floor, properly securing/wrapping your items, in order to avoid possible pest infiltration. To further assist with pest control, we'd like to remind all of our tenants that there are ABSOLUTELY NO PERISHABLES ALLOWED.
Do you have tenant insurance and if so how do I view coverage options?
You must either provide proof of insurance or you can choose to participate in our Indemnity Waiver Renter's Program. You will be enrolled in the Indemnity Waiver Renter's Program if you do not provide proof of insurance.
How do I make an insurance claim?
Claims are processed through the renter insurance policy that you have purchased.
I want to transfer units. What do I do?
Contact our customer call center to transfer units.
I lost the key to my lock. What should I do?
Contact our call center and our maintenance team will remove the lock within 1 to 5 business days. We will place a combination lock on your unit and email you the code. There is a cost of $50 for lock removal. If you need immediate attention, please call our call center to see a maintenance person is scheduled to be on site that day or if you need immediate assistance please call a locksmith.
I am late paying my rent. What can I expect?
Delinquency stages vary state by state. Please refer to your lease agreement for specific delinquency dates and associated delinquency fees.