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10 Federal Self Storage - 2542 S Alston Ave

2542 South Alston Ave, Durham, NC 27713

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4 Stars - 8 Reviews
Not as good as advertised
Carolyn Harris
August 2, 2019
Location is great for me...however! Started rental in May for $71 per month just paid August bill and noticed a $30 increase, when I called customer service was told rent is going up, "That's it, just its going up since it is month to month lease." After 3 months? I asked and the statement was the same. Also, I had personal insurance, which I sent a copy of in June, every month I must call to have their insurance charges removed. The main problem was, I spoke with customer service in July about the insurance charge, the representative, told me it was notated I had sent the insurance rider in June and she could not explain why their insurance charges were listed. She needed to escalate the problem to a supervisor. I asked should I pay the bill and let them work on it, to which she replied no. That I should wait for a supervisor to call me. this was July 2. I awaited the call, I received an email on July 22 stating my bill was not paid and that they had put a lockout on my unit and the contents were to be auctioned. I called and raised fuss, asking did not my account reflect the conversations of July 2 and they were. My question was why was I being penalized $200 dollars for their lack of customer service? NO ONE could answer nor did they remove the charges even though they admitted not following up. I had no recourse but to pay the amount and purchase a new lock. The last straw was the increase in price! I am moving at the end of the month.
No security
May 5, 2019
No one there to drop off keys
Hard to close accounts
May 5, 2019
It takes too long for them to close your account. The customer service rep knowledge is fair but can’t give clear answers when asked. I asked them where could I put my keys since I didn’t have the new fancy locks and the reps couldn’t tell me. There’s nobody there to drop off keys and I’m still waiting to close my account. It’s been 6 days.....Nice people though.
I would recomend this facility, they have
October 11, 2018
Tonya Melvin
September 4, 2018
I like the convenience of this facility and the ease at which I was able to begin storing my things. I was dismayed when I visited recently to find so much dirt and insects inside my storage. Also, the heat caused sap to perspire from my wood furnishing. Overall, the service is good. It is a pricier facility.
Deric Rutledge
September 2, 2018
Overall good storage facility. Entry gate broke once. Also price was great but it did get raised during my rental and they do not prorate your move out rent.
October 3, 2016
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Excellent Service
Jody Breeden
March 1, 2016
I'm very happy with the level of service I received they have gone above and beyond to meet and exceed all aspects of customer service. The facility is very clean well organized and very easy to access being able to easily maneuver large vehicles, but most importantly I feel my belongings are safe and we'll protected. No need to have to purchase a lock as one is provided, and if you lose your key they make the process a breeze to replace. Constant contact about any issues or questions you may have. I apologize for the long review but I wanted to emphasize all the great aspects of the company and their employees. If you are in the market for a unit look no further
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