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10 Federal Self Storage - Chapel Hill South

128 McGhee Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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5 Stars - 1 Review
I can't get a response from customer service :(
Kate Double
October 31, 2017
My mother has had a storage unit with Green Cube for ages. The manager, Jim, was wonderful to us. My mother recently passed away. The fee continued to debit to her credit card, which was paid by her estate. Last month, the storage facility was sold to 10 Federal Storage. Green cube returned our payment for October, which meant that we owed money to federal storage. I got a notice that our unit was delinquent and would have the lock removed and contents auctioned. I contacted Federal Storage and they informed me this wasn't the case and that an invoice would be sent. The invoice went to my mother's email, but was received in time and payment was sent. I continued to get notices saying that the lock had been removed and the items were being auctioned, before the due date on the invoice. I went to the unit but the building was locked and I could not get to the unit. I repeatedly sent emails trying to understand what was going on. I did not get a response. I called customer service last Friday and was told that someone would call me back. It is now Tuesday and I have received neither a phone call nor an email. I still don't know if my deceased mother's belongings have been auctioned. This is causing significant distress, and frustration. I am the executor of the will, and I really don't understand why they refused to communicate with me beyond sending threatening emails.
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