Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

April 12th, 2023

Storage units are helpful tools to declutter and organize your life, but just like any space, they can quickly fall into disorganization. Luckily, taking a moment to prepare a plan can make a world of difference — follow these storage unit organization tips to make the most of your space.

Create a Plan

10 Federal Storage offers a variety of storage options, meaning virtually any item can be kept safe in personal storage. Because of this, the secret to a well-organized unit lies in packing well. If you’re storing various items in boxes, create clear categories that make sense to you. For residential storage, group items by their utility — kitchen items, garden tools, antiques, decor, etc.

Keep Inventory

As you group items, keep a thorough list of what is going where. Label each box with its group, like college textbooks, and record a separate list of what each box contains. If you’re storing many similar items, assign a number to each box for your inventory checklist.

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

Cardboard boxes are inexpensive and work well, but durable plastic storage containers will simplify your packing. These containers are more uniform in size, easy to access, and seal items from moisture, dirt, or pests.

Then, pack your containers by placing larger, heavier, and more durable objects on the bottom of the container. Place fabric, bubble wrap, or paper padding between fragile items. If storing temperature-sensitive items, consider climate-controlled storage options.

For furniture and larger items, collapse or take apart pieces for easier transport. Some items, like bed frames, may easily come apart for condensed storage.

How to Organize a Storage Unit

Prioritize how you may need access to items in your unit — your least-needed items should be placed in the back. As you’re able, carefully stack boxes with the heaviest and largest on the bottom. Cover all furniture with sheets or towels to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture.

Allow for space between each piece of furniture, set of stack boxes, or appliance. Airflow between your items — and the unit walls — will help with preservation. Additionally, create a clear, walkable path from the front of the unit to every organized section.

It may also help to make a map of your unit, noting what boxes are in each stack and where furniture is located.

Consider a Larger Unit

Having enough space is pivotal for an organized storage unit. If you find yourself scrounging to fit everything well, save time and peace of mind by investing in a larger storage option. Find the recommended size to fit your needs with our size guide.

Find Your Perfect Place at 10 Federal Storage

No matter your storage needs, 10 Federal Storage has the perfect place to keep your items secure and preserved. Cut the clutter and find a location near you today!

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