Self Storage for Small Businesses: Why It Can Help

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August 31st, 2022

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While running a small business, you have many projects, operations, and other aspects to juggle. Regardless of where you run your business, space is always a factor that impacts how smoothly you can run your business. Self storage for businesses allows you to maximize your office space and have the flexibility of utilizing another space for your inventory.

Benefits of Self Storage

You Can Have Flexibility Within Your Office

Utilizing a storage unit enables you to change the look of your office or even clear out unnecessary items inside your office without upgrading to a larger space with less maintenance. Keeping items that you don't use on a day-to-day basis in self-storage opens up the space in the office. This also enables you to change out furniture, seasonal decorations, or additional products without having the clutter of storing in the office. The possibilities are endless within your office with more space! Additionally, as your business grows, you can easily adjust your storage unit needs.

You Can Have Flexibility Within Your Schedule

Finding the right storage unit for you is key! Whether you need climate-controlled or non-climate-controlled storage, 24/7 access in an option at many of our facilities. This allows you to come whenever it fits your schedule to either change items or add more items to your storage unit. In addition, drive-up access right to your unit allows for convenient unloading and loading from your unit.

You Can Address Supply Chain Issues

Having a commercial storage unit, you can address the everchanging timetable of import shipments. If your business has received a surplus of products but has limited shelf capacity, being able to store the rest for a later date when needed is beneficial to your business space and, ultimately, your profit margin. A storage unit also comes in handy for a surplus of seasonal products. At the end of each season, it is sometimes nice to purchase seasonal items at a lower price. Then, after purchase, you can store them in your unit until they are ready to use next year.

You Can Store Files and Records in the Same Place

While technology allows for easy storage of many different documents, there is still a need for paper copies of essential documents and files. As your company grows, this also allows you more space for day-to-day operations rather than the storage of paperwork. In addition, using a climate-controlled self storage unit will help preserve documents and relieve worry about their condition over time.

You Can Expand Your Remote Business

With many businesses discovering they no longer need all employees in an office, remote work has become the norm. Using a commercial self-storage unit allows you to store materials instead of having them clutter up a small space in your employee(s) homes. The storage unit allows you to expand and remain organized. This can also be helpful for your growing remote business to have a hub for inventory that others may need to access without having to pay the price for a storefront.

You Can Stay Organized

Don't let the openness of a unit overwhelm you with how to store your items! Instead, create a system to find things easily. Use the following tips:
  • Use a map to optimize your unit space, as you want to fit as much as possible with being as organized.
  • Draw out possible map configurations to help develop your system
  • Divide your unit into subsections.
  • Store items according to priority: something you will need access to inventory more frequently should always be easily accessible, while something you won't need as often can occupy the back of the unit.
  • Ensuring you are using boxes and containers that fit the unit appropriately is key: try to find storage items that you can stack (heaviest to lightest) for maximum use of space.

Why Choose 10 Federal Self Storage?

Simple, Local, Affordable! Our goal is to work to ensure your needs get met, so you do not have to worry.
  • Rent online in minutes - 24/7 Online Rentals
  • Well-lit facilities to ensure security and visibility
  • 24/7 access to your unit
  • Storage Facilities Nationwide
  • Month to Month Leasing
  • Unit Variety
  • Climate or non-climate control
  • Gate access to the facility
  • Drive up access
  • Friendly call center
  • Account lookup and bill pay online
Forget a lock for your unit? No worries! Our on-site vending machines have locks for your unit. Check in with our offices for supplies to get your storage started off right!

10 Federal Self Storage is Here for You

When you're ready to use a self storage unit for your commercial or business needs, lease a unit anytime! Pick a unit that is right for you and your needs by using our online tools or visiting one of our properties. We are here to assist you in discovering exactly what you need for your business to run as smoothly as possible. Using the size guide online can help you estimate what unit size you need to choose from with our unit variety of climate or non-climate-controlled units. In addition, our competitive prices with flexible month-to-month leasing allow you to modify your storage based on your small business storage needs. Our goal is to ensure we meet your needs to your satisfaction.

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