How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Kids

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October 9th, 2023

A father playing with his son while a mother and daughter pleasantly watch.
Raising kids is a journey of a lifetime, filled with love and laughter. However, it can come with the challenge of maintaining a clean and organized home. Balancing family life with a nice and tidy living space may seem like an unattainable goal, but with a consistent routine, keeping a clean home is achievable. At 10 Federal Storage, we are here to explore the best tips and tricks for busy parents to keep their homes in pristine condition.

Tips for Keeping A Clean House With Kids

The key to maintaining a clean home with kids is establishing consistent cleaning routines. One of the best organization tactics is creating a daily or weekly schedule that includes both quick and more thorough tasks. Assign tasks throughout the family, giving kids age-appropriate tasks. Along with that, setting aside tasks for entire family cleanups is a great way to incentivize everyone doing their part. Another tip is to recognize the tasks that should be daily or tasks that should be done weekly. To prevent you from having any added stress during the week, utilize the weekends for deep cleaning activities. If you are trying to get these weekend tasks done with your kids, getting a speaker and playing some great music can also create a high energy and fun environment. Please note that dance parties are encouraged during family cleaning days!

How to Get Your Kids to Help with Chores

Teaching kids to take responsibility for their items not only lightens the load on parents, but it instills great values on children. Younger kids can be responsible for putting away their toys or maybe wiping down the counter, where older kids could do the dishes or fold laundry. These are also great opportunities to demonstrate teamwork to your younger children. To encourage kids to clean with you, try playing a fun cleaning game. House Beautiful has a wonderful article of eight different cleaning games you could play with your children. Keeping a positive mindset is another tip in cleaning up with your kids. As a parent, you set the tone for the entire household, and can leave a lasting impact on your impressionable kids. Approaching cleaning tasks with a smile will help your kids view it in a positive light as well. Moreover, use positive reinforcement to acknowledge your kids' efforts. Celebrate small victories, whether it's completing a specific task or maintaining a clean space for a set period. This encouragement fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to contribute willingly in the future.

Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Parents, especially those with busy schedules, can benefit from time-saving hacks. During the week, dedicate short bursts of focused cleaning to prevent burnout. One or two smaller tasks a day will save you from much bigger projects in the future. There are also tons of great cleaning tools that may be worth investing in to make tasks more efficient, like a handheld vacuum for quick cleanups or a dish scrubber. CNET has great information on some of the best cleaning products of 2023, and these products are extremely helpful time savers on kitchen cleaning. Something else worth doing would be to start creating storage spaces within your house. Whether it's toys, cleaning products, kitchen utensils, or more, having excellent storage in and out of your house is pivotal for keeping a clean living space. For closets and cabinets, use organizers or dividers to keep everything orderly and concise. If you have space under stairwells, invest in small dressers to make sure everything has a place. The more organized your house is, the easier it can be to put it all back together.

Good Home Decluttering Method

Making your home more organized and getting rid of excess trash is a daunting process. To begin clearing out your home, separate everything into three piles: keep, donate, and toss. Whether it is toys and other games, clothes, or kitchen items, separating into these piles is a helpful way to make cleaning a simpler task. Once the piles have been separated, the next step is to make sure that everything you are keeping has a home. This ensures better organization with your items getting placed in the best spot for you to find in the future. Lastly, try to put similar items in the same spaces, ensuring you will find what you are looking for quickly.

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