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Common Questions About RVs

Rvs And Boats

exploring the countryside, a reliable motorized RV can be your best travel companion! If you’re new to having an RV, or are considering getting your first one, you might have a lot of questions before you’re ready to hit the open road. To get your RV journey started, we’ll answer a few of the common questions you might have about RVs. From what RV actually stands for to parking solutions for these big vehicles, we’ll get you up to speed on the basics! Here at 10 Federal Storage, we can also help you find a home for your vehicle between road trips - if you’re all ready to rent a place for your RV, just take a look at our storage locations and find a parking spot! What does RV stand for, anyway? Actually a fairly broad term, RV stands for “Recreational Vehicle.” This means that, technically, camper trailers, motorhomes, pop-up campers, and really any drive or tow-able vehicles with living quarters could be considered RVs. However, RV is frequently used to describe drivable/motorized recreational vehicles, and not trailers and campers, which are towed. Motorized RVs are technically called motorhomes, but chances are you’re used to hearing them referred to as RVs, so we’ll follow that trend! In this context, we’ll stick to the term “RV” to just describe drivable vehicles. While we're classifying vehicles, it’s worth reviewing the different types of RVs. There are three major RV classes, and, surprisingly, they’re not in order of size! The main RV classifications are: Class A RVs - The largest types of RVs, class A RVs pack in some serious living space with plenty of room for luxury. Running up to about 45 feet in length, these RVs can often sleep a small group of people. Some of these RVs have expandable slides, and can even tow a car! Class B RVs - These are actually the smallest types of RVs. Often referred to ...

August 15th, 2022