5 Ways to Use Your Self Storage Unit for Your Business

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October 24th, 2023

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A lack of space limits professional growth if you want to expand or enhance your business’s efficiency. If you have an influx of inventory and paperwork, limited space can hinder your business’s day-to-day functioning. But expanding space might not be an option due to your budget, so what can a business do? Self storage is an excellent, affordable, and convenient solution to give you the additional space you need to support business growth. Not only is self storage an option, but the many ways you can utilize the additional space can help skyrocket the development of your business. Our storage experts at 10 Federal Self Storage have gathered five ways to use a self storage unit so you can benefit your business.

The Business Benefits of Self Storage

Among the many reasons to consider self storage, using it for your business is one of the most beneficial. Self storage provides numerous foundational pillars, and below are three of the most prominent examples.
  1. Organization. If a business has the capacity to handle everything, it has a place to put everything. With inventory being labeled and stored neatly, the organized space will assist in the flow of activity.
  2. Efficiency. The speed and accuracy of a business are enhanced with organization and adequate space to work. All items previously unaccounted for or misplaced are in an intentional location, allowing for efficiency.
  3. Growth. The organization and efficiency of a business factor into the growth and opportunity for expansion. Growth is the ultimate goal for your business, and once a location has the space, then development will follow.

How to Use Self Storage for a Business

Here are five practical ways to use self storage for a business. You can apply one or multiple approaches.

  1. Inventory storage. Excess inventory, overstocked products, or items that are unavailable, or not in rotationcould all be stored in a self storage unit. Placing inventory in self storage opens up space for more immediate inventory.
  2. Business documents. Depending on the business, an influx of paperwork is a regular part of day-to-day activities. So to declutter your office space, use a self storage unit and easily manage valuable paperwork.
  3. Equipment and machinery. Properly storing unused equipment in self storage can give you more space and peace of mind and preserve the longevity of your valuable business assets.
  4. Seasonal displays and decor. Holiday displays can’t stay up forever. So placing them somewhere that isn’t an overpacked storage closet can keep them in one location without taking up needed space in your business.
  5. Expansion and stockpiling. If your business is on the cusp of an expansion or big release, stockpiling inventory or supplies in advance is necessary—and so is the space to store it.
Remember, a storage unit not only fits business documents, seasonal displays, inventory, and excess stockpiling for an expansion but can also give you the space for the potential growth of your business.

The Best Unit for a Business

When you take steps to choose a self storage unit for your business, you want it to be within a convenient distance to fit any immediate needs. Find a unit close to your business by checking out the diverse locations provided by 10 Federal Self Storage. Depending on your business needs, it’s important to find the storage unit size that makes the most sense. For storing business documents, a large unit may not be required. However, large pieces of equipment or machinery would need a bigger space. Ensure the dimensions and measurements of your items are accurate before picking the best unit for your business. Check out our size guide to find the perfect unit for your needs!

Proper Business Storage

Once your unit size is chosen, properly storing your business belongings will ensure their longevity. Inventory is best stored when boxed, labeled, and placed on a shelf for easy access. Filing cabinets are one of the most common routes for paper documents, while any variety of boxes, paper sleeves, and folders are also sufficient. Company equipment should be properly cleaned, any fuel removed, and appropriate research should be done for particular items. The most important takeaway is that containers are your best friend. Label what you have and read equipment instructions for the best storage.

Where to Benefit Your Business

10 Federal Self Storage is happy to meet all your business needs and provide the space to make a difference in your productivity. If you want to expand, grow, or just reorganize the current climate of your business, then check out our full list of locations and find the solution to help your business develop.

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